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Abused Adults

Individuals age 18 and older who have been subjected to a persistent pattern behaviour in which one intimate partner uses physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, isolation and emotional, sexual, or economic abuse to control the other partner in a relationship. Stalking or other harassing behaviour is often an integral part of the pattern. Abusers may include caregivers, spouses, intimate partners or other family members.

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Abused Children

Individuals younger than age 18 who have been subjected to a persistent pattern of violence and/or neglect which may include emotional abuse, emotional deprivation, physical abuse and corporal punishment that results in a traumatic condition, physical neglect and/or inadequate supervision, and/or sexual abuse or exploitation.

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Accident Victims

Individuals who have been seriously or fatally injured as the result of an unplanned and unforeseen event or condition which has occurred as a result of their own or another's ignorance, negligence, lack of awareness or other circumstances which were beyond their control.

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Crime Victims

Individuals who have suffered injury or loss of property because of the illegal actions of another.

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Crime Witnesses

Individuals who have been traumatized by having seen a crime or having to participate in the criminal justice process.

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Indian Residential School Survivors

Indigenous individuals who as children were removed from their homes in order to be sent to distant boarding schools, with the goal of assimilation into the dominant culture. While systematically disrupting the transmission of Indigenous languages, practices, and beliefs across generations, lack of oversight resulted in sometimes rampant physical and sexual abuse and even death. Residential schools were generally funded by the government of Canada and operated by established churches.

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Sexual Harassment Victims

Individuals who have been subjected to unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favours or other conduct of a sexual nature including sexually-explicit language or jokes when they must submit to such conduct as an explicit or implicit condition of employment, passing a course or obtaining benefits or treatment to which they are entitled; when submission to or rejection of such conduct by an individual is used as the basis for decisions affecting the individual; or when such conduct interferes with an individual's performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment.

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War Victims

Civilians who have suffered an injury, loss of a family member, or damage to or destruction of their homes because of war.

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