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Educational Exchange Programs

Programs that develop, implement, promote and/or manage exchange programs in which high school students, undergraduate and graduate students, university and college faculty or other educational personnel from Canada study, teach or engage in other educational activities abroad while foreign scholars and educators from those countries come to the Canada. Also included are programs that arrange short-term study and observation visits by foreign leaders and professionals who meet and consult with Canadians who are active in their fields.

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International Child Sponsorship

Programs that provide opportunities for people to contribute to the support of children from indigent families in developing countries through regular donations. Sponsors may be encouraged to correspond with the children they assist and may send gifts for birthdays and other special occasions.

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International Cultural Exchange

Programs that provide opportunities for people to enjoy international cultural activities or attend art exhibits, music concerts, opera performances, dance exhibitions, theatre performances or other events that are representative of the artistic and humanities traditions of other countries. The purpose of international cultural exchange programs is to foster an appreciation and respect for other cultures and deepen international understanding.

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Peace/Anti War Advocacy Programs

Programs that are concerned with domestic and international peace and justice; explore nonviolent alternatives to war and other forms of lethal conflict; seek effective, nonviolent means to respond to terrorism; protest leadership of or participation in existing or imminent military actions; and/or advocate for solutions to disputes that de-escalate the intensity of the conflict, explore common ground among parties, resolve, where possible, the core issues in conflict and break the cycle of violence and retaliation engendered by war.

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Sister Cities Programs

Organizations that provide information about the sister cities program in general or about the specific sister city of a particular community, which arrange for social and cultural exchanges between citizens of the community and those of their sister city or which provide other forms of assistance which support the sister cities concept and its implementation in the community.

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