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City/Town Clerk Offices

The office of the individual who holds the position of clerk in a particular jurisdiction and is generally responsible for records relating to local government activities and transactions. The clerk may also prepare and publish official notices, maintain local codes, coordinate and prepare an agenda for council meetings and take minutes.

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City/Town Council Offices

The offices of elected members of a municipal corporation with the power to pass ordinances, levy taxes, appropriate funds and administer local government.

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City/Town Finance Offices

The office that is responsible for managing the fiscal affairs of a city, town or township. Responsibilities vary by jurisdiction but generally include budget development and monitoring, accounting services, cash and asset management, payroll, contract administration, grants management and financial reporting.

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City/Town Managers Offices

The office of the government official who is the chief administrative officer of a city or other municipal area, generally in situations where there is no mayor or the mayor is largely a ceremonial figure. City/town managers report to the city/town council and are responsible for preparing the city's annual operating budget and providing leadership, direction and guidance for city departments.

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County/Regional Controller Offices

The office of the individual who holds the position of controller in a particular jurisdiction. The responsibilities of the controller are financial in nature and may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

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First Nations Band Offices

Offices that serve as administrative centres for a known and recognized Band of First Nations persons, whose affairs are usually governed by a Band Council and/or traditional chiefs.

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Mayors Offices

The office of the government official who is generally the principal executive officer of a city or other municipal area as prescribed by statute or the municipal charter. The position of mayor varies from city to city. In some cities, the mayor is essentially a ceremonial figure; in others s/he is a major executive official. In some cities, mayors are popularly elected; in others they are selected from within the elected council to serve as the presiding officer.

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Town Criers

Individuals who are employed to make formal public announcements on behalf of the mayor and city/town council at important functions such as civic ceremonies, charity functions and tourism events. Town criers wear colourful costumes, carry a hand bell to attract people's attention and shout "Oyez, Oyez" ("hear ye") before making their announcement. They may greet visiting dignitaries, cut ribbons, open festivals, lead parades, deliver proclamations and kick off conventions. In addition to official duties, town criers may also attend private functions such as weddings, retirement parties, conventions, trade shows, holiday gatherings and other events.

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