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Agency Facility Space

Programs which make space available to agencies that need a location from which to offer services to the community.

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Banquet Facilities

Organizations that provide facilities which may include a dining hall, a dance floor, equipment and outlets for music and catering services that are available on a reservation basis for parties or receptions.

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Civic Centres

Facilities within cities, towns and other municipalities where residents of the community and visitors gather for social, business and cultural activities and/or to conduct the business of government, obtain services, seek justice and participate in the democratic process. Facilities may include city hall buildings, courthouses, exhibit halls, museums, special libraries, galleries, theatres, music centres and sports venues as well as hotels and restaurants.

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Community Hubs

Neighbourhood facilities that are designed to be welcoming and inclusive gathering places as well as centralized access points for a wide range of health, social, cultural and recreational organizations and programs, particularly in high needs or isolated communities. Each is unique according to the priorities of its community, which is often involved in their design and development. Hub partners may include larger service organizations like the Red Cross that have satellite programs at the site as well as local agencies and community economic development projects, all of whom benefit from shared resources and administrative costs.

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Conference/Convention Facilities

Organizations that provide space which can be reserved for large trade shows, conferences or conventions that may include banquet facilities, exhibit space and an adequate number of meeting rooms in which groups of different sizes can meet simultaneously. Some properties may have associated guest rooms for attendees.

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Drop In Centres for People at Risk

Programs that provide an alternative, non-residential environment that people with any of a variety of issues can visit on an informal basis to find mutual support and access to social and recreational activities. People can drop by whenever they like without the need to make an appointment and have the option of participating in whatever activities are currently underway.

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Lecture Halls/Auditoriums

Organizations such as schools and universities that make space available for lectures, discussion groups, debates, seminars and other similar activities.

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Programs that provide access to collaborative, creative work spaces inside schools, libraries or other public/private facilities, particularly for children and youth but also for adults and entrepreneurs. Participants are given access to tools, materials and opportunities for hands-on learning and are encouraged to experiment, invent, tinker, design and build. Makerspaces have a variety of options including 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines and other high tech equipment, but they can also be low tech or "no tech" and focus on traditional skills such as sewing. These spaces also help to prepare those who need skills in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), as well as foster entrepreneurship through their use as incubators and accelerators for business startups.

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Meeting Space

Programs that make conference rooms or other space available to individuals or groups who want to hold meetings or sponsor other public or private gatherings.

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Multipurpose Centres

Programs that provide facilities where a wide variety of services are made available to the community.

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