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Provincial/Territorial Health Insurance

Health insurance programs administered by provincial/territorial Ministries of Health under the Canadian Health Act whose goal is to ensure that all residents of Canada have reasonable access to medically necessary insured services without direct charges. Services covered by the plan include insured hospital services (inpatient and outpatient services such as standard or public ward accommodation; nursing services; diagnostic procedures such as blood tests and x-rays; drugs administered in the hospital; and use of operating rooms, case rooms and anesthetic facilities); physician services; and dental surgery which requires hospitalization to perform the procedure. Also included are nursing home intermediate care, adult residential care services and the health aspects of home care and ambulatory care. Additional services such as chiropractic care, optometric services, dental care and prescription drug benefits may be covered in some provinces/territories. Provincial/territorial health insurance programs are available to eligible residents of a province or territory who are not covered by other federal or provincial/territorial legislation. Insured individuals receive a health card which is used to obtain services.

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Refugee Health Insurance

Temporary health insurance programs administered by the Government of Canada which ensure that refugees and refugee claimants and their dependents, who are not yet covered by any provincial or territorial plans, have reasonable access to medically necessary services without direct charges.

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Veterans Health Programs

Programs that are designed to help clients of Veterans Affairs Canada maintain their independence and quality of life by facilitating their ability to continue to live at home. Benefits may include medical, surgical and dental care, prosthetic devices, home adaptations, supplementary benefits such as travel costs for examinations or treatment and other community health care services and benefits. Extended treatment benefits such as prescription drugs are available for pensioners with disabilities.

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