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Food Preparation Facilities

Programs that provide kitchen facilities which homeless people and others in need can use to prepare and serve food. Also included are collective/community kitchen programs that provide facilities where groups of people can plan a menu, purchase ingredients, prepare one or more meals and package the food to be taken home, frozen and used over a period of time; and membership organizations that provide prepared hot meals that participating soup kitchens and meal programs can serve to their clients.

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Laundry Products

Programs that pay for or provide liquid detergent, fabric softeners, bleaches and whiteners, stain removers and other similar laundry products for people who need them.

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Personal/Grooming Supplies

Programs that pay for or provide soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, combs, brushes, cotton swabs, deodorant, facial tissue, toilet paper and other personal hygiene/grooming supplies for homeless people and other individuals who need them.

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Public Showers/Baths

Public or private organizations that provide showers, baths or other facilities where homeless people, travellers and others who do not have access to private bathing facilities can wash. Included are permanent shower facilities as well as mobile installations that can be moved from place to place. Also included are organizations that provide vouchers that people can use to access bathing facilities.

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Telephone Facilities

Programs that provide access to a telephone for homeless people and others who need to make a call and are unable to pay for it.

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